Hair Transplant Cost & Review Turkey

Hair Transplant prices in Turkey start from €1200 for packages including Pre-Op/Blood test, medication, medical hair shampoo, special hair lotion and PRP treatment. If you’re looking for more comprehensive ones, you can pick all-inclusive packages for your treatment. 

Costs may change according to your needs. So, you can contact us to get more detailed information about them.

As MedClinics, we’re always here to assist you finding the most suitable and affordable clinics for your treatments!

Hair Transplant Package

starting from

All-inclusive Package

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1.700 €

2.800 €

4.000 €

4.800 €

7.000 €

10.000 €

12.500 €









Cameron F.
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Hi guys, don't worry. Just  10 days after treatment, your head become normal. The scabs will eventually fall off with the lotion and your hair will eventually start to fall out but it will come back. I had my first experience and I had it done in September 2023 and it was the best decision I ever made! If the scabs don't come off, keep using the lotion! Eat healthy, exercise, stress less, the hair will grow back!
Joseph K.
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I had a hair transplant last year. Later, I directed my 5 friends to the Medclinics. They are really helpful on this journey! Lots of people that I know, contacted Medclinics for hair transplant journey! And also, hotels and transfers are also much cheaper in Turkey!
Louis H.
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I'm so excited to say that my appearance has really changed. And with that my confidence also increased. The after care is amazing. Plenty of information was provided before and after surgery. It worth every penny and the change looks very natural. I was relaxed because I was in safe hands.


Hair transplant is a surgical procedure that moves hair follicles from one part of the scalp to another.

Hair Transplant prices in Turkey start from €1200.

Yes, the cost of hair transplant in Turkey is more affordable than in Europe, North America, or other Western countries.

Yes, hair transplants are considered permanent. The transplanted hair follicles will grow hair for the rest of your life!

A well-performed hair transplant is not damage existing hair if it is done by a skilled and experienced surgeon.